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General Knowledge/Current Affairs/Fields of Science

AFCAT GK - First In India

Gallantry Awards - 2016

Current Affairs - Jan 2016

Make in India - Dhanush Artillery Guns

Make in India - Vajra Guns

Indian Military Decoration

Current Affairs -January 2015

Current Affairs - April 2014

Current Affairs-July 2013

Current Affairs-June 2013

SSB Aspirants - Current Affairs May

SSB Aspirants - Green Oscars

SSB Aspirants - Security Category

SSB Aspirants - Border Disputes

Current Affairs-May 2013

List of Oceans

Ten Small Nations

Ten Big Nations

Important Natural Lakes

List of Shipping Canals

Current Affairs - April2013

Current Affairs - March 2013

Current Affairs -February 2013

International Organisations

India States and Capital

Prime Ministers of India

President of India


IPL Teams

Degree and Abbreviations

Animals and Young One

Things/Animals and Classification

Games and Place of Playing

Worker and Working Place

Word and Intensity

Political Parties in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

Important Awards

National and International Important Days

UN International Decades

Country and Capital

Scientific Instruments

Country and Currency

Places and Surname(Geographical Epithests)

Places and Surname(Geographical Epithests)

Important Religions

List of Islands

List of Straits

Fields Of Science

Cricket Information


Metric Systems

UN International Years

UN International Years 2000 Onwards

Quantity and Units

Animals and Movement

Indus Valley Civilization

Animals/Things Keeping Place

Worker and Tools

Worker and Product

Product - Raw Material