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  • Prepare to be the best in competitive exams

    Prepare to be the best in competitive exams

    •   04 August 2020


    Take any ONLINE test for all the 365 days of a year
    Any number of times per subject just Rs.365* only


    * applicable only to Graduate and above entrance level Exam

    Our Test covers from Basic to advance Stage- Covers previous years questions as well


    All-boys Sainik Schools will finally induct girls from 2021, to reserve 10-20% seats


    Prepare to be the Best


    We also offer tips and Skype classes for Services Selection Board by Ex SSB Assessment officers
    We also offer online practice tests for the following Entrance Examination


      1. A1- AFCAT


    • A2- Army Cadet College
    • A3- Army - Soliders Entrance Exam
    • A4- Air Force Airmen Entrance Exam
    • A5- Army Public School Entrance Exam
    • A6- Assam Rifles Soldiers Entranc Exam
    • A7- Air Hostess Entrance Exam
    • A8- Air India Ground Duty Entrance Exam
    • B1- Bank Entrance Exam
    • B2- Border Security Forces Entrance Exam
    • C1- CDSE- Combined Defence Services Exam
    • C2- CRPF Entrance Exam
    • C3- Constable Selection Entrance Exam
    • C4- CISF- Central Industrial Security Forces
    • C5- Civil Services Entrance Exam Subject wise
    • C6- Coast Guard Entrance Exam Tech Entry
    • C7- Commercial Pilot Entrance Exam
    • D1- DRDO Entrance Exam
    • D2- Drone Pilot Entrance Exam
    • E1- E.K.T Engineering Knowledge Test for Airforce Technical Officer
    • E2- Engineering entrance for Railway Special Services
    • F1- Forest Guards Entrance Exam
    • H1- Helicopter Pilot Training Entrance Exam
    • H2- Havildar (Army Education) Entrance Exam
    • I1- IGRUA ( Indira Gandhi Rastriya Uran Akademy Entrance Exam
    • I2- IIT Entrance Exam
    • I3- ITBP Entrance Exam
    • I4- IB Entrance Exam
    • I5- IQ Finder Online Skill Tests
    • I6- ISRO (after Plus Two) Online Entrance Exam
    • J1- Junior Commisioned Officers (Army) Entrance Exam
    • J3- Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya Entrance Exam Class VI, VII, VIII and IX
    • J4- KV School Entrance Exam
    • K1- KV School Entrance Exam
    • K2- Kittor Rani Chennamma School Entrance Exam
    • L1- LIC Officers/ Clerks Entrance Exam
    • M1- Military Nursing Service(MNS)Entrance Exam
    • M2- Military School class VI and IX Entrance Exam
    • M3- Military Police (Women) Entrance Exam
    • M4- MNC - Aptitude test
    • N1- National Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam
    • N2- NCC C- certificate Exam
    • N3- Nursing Assistent Entrance Exam
    • N4- Naviks Entrance Exam
    • N5- NEET Entrance Exam
    • O1- Officers Training Academy OTA Entrance Exam
    • P1- Police Entrance Exam
    • R1- RIMC Entrance Exam-Online Test
    • R2- RMS Entrance Exam class VI and IX
    • R3- Railway Protection Force Entrance Exam
    • S1- Sainik School Entrance Exam class VI and IX
    • S2- Sainik School Entrance Exam Class - VII Lucknow sainik school
    • S3- Sailors Entrance Exam Technical
    • S4- Sailors Entrance Exam Non-Technical
    • S5- SSB OIR Tests
    • S6- Shastra Seema Bal Entrance Exam
    • S7- Stewards Entrance Exam
    • S8- SRT(SSB- FSB) E book
    • S9- Singapore youth India Scholarship Exam
    • S10- Sub Inspector Entrance Exam
    • T1- Territorial Army Officers Entrance Exam
    • T2- Territorial Army Soldiers Entrance Exam
    • T3- TNPSC GP1 Entrance Exam
    • T4- TNPSC GP2 Entrance Exam
    • T5- TNPSC GP4 Entrance Exam
    • T6- Tamil nadu Police Constable Entrance Exam
    • T7- Tamil nadu Police Sub-Inspector Entrance Exam
    • W1- WAT Practice E-book
    • X1- X Airman x group Entrance Exam
    • Y1- Y Airman Y Group Entrance Exam
    • Y2- Yantrik(Coast Guard) Entrance Exam



    What to study and How to study and what not to study?
    This is where, Defence Academy Coimbatore can Guide you
    We can show you the shortest path- We cannot guarentee success
    SUCCESS is in your hands

    What do we do?

    1. Our kit starts with exercises that helps you to Concentrate on Concept
    Read newspaper just one
    Improves vocabulary
    Keeps you updated
    Just make a note of important news- you may keep a scrapbook
    Improves your writing skills- New words- take some cutting and keep filing it just revise once in a week

    How we train you?

    Best Training Academy for All types of defence services Exam

    Write and send your answers we will correct it and send you the feed back
    This will help you to clear your doubts
    Basic tests
    Advanced time based Tests
    1st attempt is the most beautiful attempt. There is no scope for failure



    To find take our OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating Test)

    A score of 60% above you can make it

    All the best
    Take a free OIR Test




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    Prepare to be the best in competitive exams

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