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  • How to Prepare your son or daughter to face All India Sainik School Entrance Exam?

    How to Prepare your son or daughter to face All India Sainik School Entrance Exam?

    •   05 August 2020


    Dear Parents,

    This article is written by an ex Sainik school-educated army officer. After taking voluntary retirement, his entire time is devoted to training children to join the forces as Defence Officers.

    The Indian government of late started commissioning new Sainik schools, in different parts of India. Now, there are many states that have two Sainik schools.

    The age for entrance is from 10 to 12 years as on 31 March of the year of commencement of the school term.



    Due to limited seats in each school, and the number of applicants has become more, the competition is high in case of boys it is about 1: 30 and for girls, it is 1: 50.


    1. a) Seats are less
    2. b) Even Boys now studying in class VI and Moving to Class VII are eligible to apply for Class VI Entrance.
    3. c) The questions are Multiple Choice with No Negative Marking.
    4. d) Applicants are more as the facilities in these schools are far better than many other private schools for the fees collected by the School.
    5. e) The schools are being administered by Serving Defence Officers. Hence Discipline is of very high order
    6. f) Results in National Defence Academy Entrance are much higher than the Civil Schools.
    7. g) One out of every 5 Student studying in these schools ultimately becomes officers in Defence Services. Others do well in other walks of life.
    8. h) Unlike children of Defence Persons who get a major share in Rashtriya Military School admission, Sainik schools give a higher share for Civilian’s Children.
    9. i) You have a choice of choosing the school of your choice.



    Contrary to the normal belief that Older schools give a better result, I personally feel, the new schools are better looked after both by the state and the centre.  The infrastructures come up much faster and very soon they become at par with the Sainik Schools those have been started in 60’s.

    So, select the school which is comparatively new and that is slightly away from your own state.

    The reason, the children learn a different language other than its mother tongue and constantly try and compete with children of a different region than its own. This increases Leadership qualities and social adjustment.


    If you closely look at the syllabus and go through the previous years’ question papers you will understand, the portions covered are much more than those that are taught in class V.

    The child has to perform under great pressure of time.

    100 questions in the paper I in 120 minutes and

    25 questions in paper II in 50 minutes.

    You will realize that both SPEED and ACCURACY is essential to make it into the Merit list.

    The entrance exam will be consists of two papers such as Paper I and Paper II. Paper I will be held in the first day first half, Mathematical knowledge test for 100 marks and Language ability test will be conducted for 100 marks. Paper-II will be Intelligence test which contains 100 marks. Paper I will be held in two hours and paper II will be held in 50 minutes. 

    Subject Name:

    No. of Questions & Marks

    Total Marks


    50 * 3


    GK (Sc & Sst)

    25 * 2



    25 * 2



    25 * 2



    Total of 125 Questions




    “An early bird catches the worm”, the child has to be motivated and must be made to practice every day. It has to learn faster and more than its counterpart in School. As adults you will understand, there will be a psychological set back in the mind of the child, once it does not succeed in the very first competitive examination in its life.


    This should be our motive, and make sure that you provide the best guidance and training that money can buy. So, that your child does not face FAILURE.

    The normal Class V has just 10 chapters in Maths, while Sainik and Military School covers about 17 chapters. These have to be taught to children from the basic so that he or she will not be left behind.

    Given below is the Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus:-


    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of numbers, fractions and decimals,

    BODMAS Rule, LCM and HCF, Unitary method, Average, Percentage, Profit and loss, Simple Interest, Square root, Area and Perimeter, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Triangle, Circle, Algebraic expressions.


    Tenses, Sentences- Negative, Affirmative and Interrogative, Prepositions, Articles, Framing Questions, One Word answers/fill in the blanks, Singular & Plural forms, Homonyms, Synonyms& Antonyms, Spelling.


    GK (Sc & SSt) - Science

    Living things, Characteristics of living things, Plants & Animals, Interdependence of living things and non-living things, Human body, Food, Diseases, Rocks and Minerals, Air water and weather, Natural satellite, simple machines, Environment, Natural calamities etc.

    GK (Sc & SSt) - Social Studies

    Maps Planets, Satellites, Solar System, Continents, Oceans, Motion of the earth, Latitudes and Longitudes, Climate. Freedom Fighters and great reformers, Our Freedom struggle. Structure of Government, Fundamental Rights and duties, United Nation and its functions

    Section – IV: Intelligence Test

    1. Classification
    2. Analogy Test
    3. Series Completion
    4. Mathematical Operations
    5. Coding and Decoding
    6. Alphabetical Arrangement of Words


    Our Experience tells us that a child whose IQ is Higher is 130 and above can grasp faster and needs less amount of coaching. But a child whose IQ is Average needs to be trained for at least one year to make the grade. (Cut off is about 80% in most of the schools for civilian’s children)


    Defence Academy’s Study Kit consists of the following:

    1. Workbook for Mathematics
    2. Fully solved previous years question papers
    3. English Workbook
    4. Science workbook
    5. GK workbook
    6. GK Ref book
    7. Mental ability Workbook
    8. Online test pack valid for 6 months with about 6000 questions.



    1. Weekly Self-Assessment test will be mailed to you on request.
    2. Daily Assessment Sheets

    ONLINE 4 Months Coaching

    Total fee with the material is Rs.25, 000

    Order your study pack today


    www.ssbcoaching.com or


    for clarification please call 94437 20076

    ONLINE Coaching Class Starts on 2nd September on a Regular Basis

    2 hours every second day 5 to 7 PM


    Want to experience a sample Class?

    Meet us via GOOGLE MEET ON 16th Aug, 23rd Aug and 30th Aug.

    Google MEET classes on SUNDAY will be conducted by Colonel Jayavel (Retd).


    Order today and receive

    Maths and English WORKBOOK FREE.


    Attend the Skill finder test

    Fill in the form

    Pay the full amount in our bank and receive the hard copies and online class User ID and PW.

    Take a Free Online Skill finder test.

    Let the child perform and send us the answers we will carry out the assessment and will offer suitable suggestions.

    Since we give admission only to 15 Children online, please hurry up.

    NOTE If the child does not meet our Q.R, we may not be able to give admission in our ONLINE SAINIK ENTRANCE EXAM COURSE.

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    How to Prepare your son or daughter to face All India Sainik School Entrance Exam?

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